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Главная » 2007 » Декабрь » 31 » NeW PvP SiStEm(BaLiNoR)
NeW PvP SiStEm(BaLiNoR)
Here are some ideas of remaking the PvP (Player vs Player) System in TibiaME. There have been many good ideas here in the forum and of course from players in game. Not all ideas were technically realisable, so we had to try and develop a system that will work and you will like - as you are going to use it

Okay here the idea:

PvP-island will remain as an area where you do not loose any experience points at all. Players can come here and have fun any time. But kills in this area will not count anything either - fighting here will only fun - not more, not less.

The normal arena will get 2% experience loss. But players fighting here will be taking part in the rank system. So you are going to risk a lot of exp, but can gain in the rank highscores. These ranks will be published for each world - and an all over rank will be published too. You will be able to see these on the website and the wapsite. They will not be visible in the client yet though. The rank system will work as i had already explained in my last post about the system and as far as i can remember nearly everybody liked that system.

What about clans and teams? We are still working on a way to implement things like these properly. They would of course integrate into the rank system. But before you get exited. It's one step after another here. So first of all we will start with work on the new pvp system.

Also there are some other things that we are going to start work on - but they will be surprises for the season two

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на форуме есть такая тема обсуждаем там cool

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