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Episod 3 Starting
it's 12.02.08. all TibiaME players seating near their computers and updating the homepage.....

now on buisness.......from this topic we know.....something on the sandy island....something that noone so before......as we disccussed with my friend exploz think,1st. there must be something like zombie white scull and red scull. some new items...like holy ring, the vampire with the red NAME on it.....as somebody said in this theme.....energy shield......also i have a question.....i saw in one of the themes that there is going to be an upgrade system....is it going to be in episode 3 ..it means that there will be a shop where you come,pay for example 50k gold,they makes your weapon(any weapon) a little stronger....or the upgrade system is going to be like you killed 10k monsters by the item,now its more *sharp* and it strikes faster or higher.....

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1 Oracul  
эм... А перевод можно? А то я в английском не бум-бум. Хехе

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